A Big family called internet

In a world where everything depends on data and the amounts you have available on a monthly basis, keeping your traffic consumption under control has become a real struggle.

This is when Traffic Compressor kicks in to make everyone's life easier.

Quick and flawless

There is a reason wherefore so many applications have failed achieving what Traffic Compressor has – the lack of updates and professionalism. Our developers keep an eye on the application round the clock. Moreover, everything is almost instant and delivered at the highest standards.

More than three decades of experience

Experience is the key to pretty much everything you do in life. We have gathered together a team of professionals with years of experience in traffic statistics and compression solutions. The result? A fully featured software.

Find Out what Makes Traffic Compressor a Front Runner

Traffic Compressor has become the #1 traffic compression tool on the market the same day it was released. Many others tried to achieve this before, but everyone failed. Here are the reasons wherefore we have created a top applications.

24/7 customer service

We value customers and we know we would be nothing without them. Whether you want to make a suggestion or a complaint, ask a question or just say hello, we are here for you on a 24/7 basis.

There are multiple ways to get in touch with us – find the most convenient one for you.

Secure and safe download

No one wants to expose themselves to unnecessary risks and we totally understand that. Therefore, Traffic Compressor is perfectly clean – not even an ad or a third party installation request from it.

The software is designed to make traffic compression a tool and not to abuse users.

Full permission list

In order to install Traffic Compressor, you will need to sort some permissions out. Once accepted, the application will run smoothly – nothing to worry about, no sketchy requests like contacts or gallery.

We put our customers' privacy first and our application respects local laws and regulations.

Instant delivery by email

Once the purchase is made, you can download Traffic Compressor within seconds only. A temporary download link will be given to you. No time to do it right away? Contact us if the link expires to get a new one.

The installation and use are straightforward, regardless of your experience.