Reduce your traffic and Internet bills and boost your connection

Having the ability to keep traffic under control will come with countless benefits, such as lower bills and higher speeds for things you actually need – welcome to Traffic Compressor.

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Reasons to use Traffic Compressor

Traffic Compressor is currently the one and only traffic control software on the market. Its primary role is to reduce traffic noise – useless traffic coming at the same time with traffic you actually need. Using our software will come with a few extra benefits.

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Services associated with Traffic Compressor

Transportation by land

Efficient optimization of your GPS navigation with personal and business purposes.

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Transportation by air

Real time updates of air traffic, as well as local flights for air traffic enthusiasts.

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Transportation by water

Nearby boats, directions and routes from any boat, anywhere in the world.

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Extra addons

Full traffic information – including drivers names on some business vehicles.

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Best routes

Some routes are better than others. In terms of optimization, Traffic Compressor has determined the best routes around Europe to ensure maximum efficiency and lower traveling times.

What Traffic Compressor can do to a route:

  • Analyze ongoing traffic in real time.
  • Check for traffic jams and blockages.
  • Grab the instant traffic situation based on updates.
  • Recommend the best routes for maximum efficiency.
From Berlin to Wroclaw

06.09.2018, 07:00    346 km

From Drezno to Paris

07.09.2018, 11:00    1028 km

From London to Barcelona

06.09.2018, 08:00    1497 km

From Brno to Genoa

09.09.2018, 23:00    1189 km


  • Joey Alistar
    This is by far the most efficient traffic compression tool. I have tried all kinds of programs before and although most of them promise you the world, they are far (and I mean really far) from expectations. This one takes everything to a new level. Try it with confidence!
    Joey Alistar
  • Ana Ifton
    I use Traffic Compressor as part of my company's navigation system. It is a tool all of us have to use and I must admit I am thinking to use it for personal uses as well. It is extremely accurate and updates just keep hitting you with instant updates on traffic. Brilliant, thank you!
    Ana Ifton
  • Dwayne Vee

    I used Traffic Compressor at a friend's recommendation because my navigation system was terrible – always hitting jams, traffic and so on... Anyway, the system can seriously compress traffic and find the quickest route – much faster than any other software.

    Dwayne Vee


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